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The NEACA catchment area consists of parts of each of the three district wards, Peachcroft, Abbey Northcourt and Dunmore. Abbey Northcourt district ward is split in to two parish/town wards, Abbey and Northcourt! The councillors listed as town members are for the Northcourt town ward. The Abbey town ward is not part of the NEACA catchment area.
Cllr Alison Rooke is the member for Abingdon East division which entirely contains Peachcroft ward, plus the Abbey town council ward.
Cllr Emily Smith is the member for Abingdon North division which entirely contains Dunmore ward, plus the Northcourt town council ward, plus the Fitzharris Wildmoor town council ward, which is over the to west of the Wooton Road.
Peachcroft ward comprises all of the Peachcroft and Radley Green estates, the northern parts of the Radley Road and of all the houses 'within' Audlett Drive. Here are the councillors:

Northcourt town ward part of this district ward contains houses within the NEACA catchment area, but only to the east of the Oxford Road and north of Norman Avenue. Here are the councillors:

Dunmore ward comprises most of the houses north of Northcourt Road (excluding Shelley Close) and most of the houses in, around and north of Appleford Drive, but to the west of the Radley Brook. Here are the councillors:


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