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The NEACA booking officer is Pat(rick) Lonergan:

Mobile: 07521 333430

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Pre-school 01235 555808, school hours only, see also Pre-school website
Peachcroft Christian Centre 01235 530227, see also
Abingdon is part of a three-tier hierarchy of local authorities, county, district and parish. Yes, Abingdon is a parish, but is designated a town because it has a charter. For election purposes, it is warded. There are 7 such town wards. There are 5 district wards and 3 county divisions. The boundaries of the town wards are, to comply with Boundary Commission rules, drawn up so that a town ward is only and entirely with one district ward and also within one county division. This does result in an 'overlap' between the district wards and county divisions.

Oxfordshire County Council
Vale of White Horse District Council
Abingdon-on-Thames town council



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