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Booking online

You can click on the green 'Book now' button which appears at the middle top on the Calendar and Bookings menu items.
This will take you to an online booking system which will present you with two 'boxes' for two duration of 'slots'. You have two options:

  1. Except for a Friday of Saturday evening booking, click on the 30 mins duration box, then click on SEE TIMES. You will be presented with a series of consecutive slots automatically generated by the system. The default seems to be for a week, so you will have to scroll week after week until you reach your required day. Once you are on the correct date, click on the slot with the start time of your required nett booking. Please do NOT click on any succeeding slots., but in the comment box, state the duration of your nett booking, and fill in the preceding boxes. Click NEXT, check and then click on COMPLETE BOOKING, OR
  2. If your booking is for a Friday or Saturday evening, at the first stage above, click on that option, but state in the comments if you want to start earlier than 18:30, which is the standard nett start time, with preparation from 18:00.

We will check that your request does not clash with any other bookings and you will receive an email either confirming the booking or discussing any issues. Of course, you can also use the 'comment' box to ask any questions as well.


The Croft Bar