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Main hall 39 x 28 ft capable of seating 80.
Kitchen Able to serve both the Main Hall equipped with basic catering facilities, crockery etc for about 80.
Bar The Croft Bar management require an estimate of the number of adults attending.

Hall tables, set out for a meal

The Main Hall and kitchen can be hired for £22 per hour or £115 for a Friday or Saturday evening session. There are two exclusive sessions on Saturday afternoon/evening, that is, up to and after 17:30. At the time of writing, there is a regular Saturday weekly booking in term time, the gross period of which starts at 15:45 and ends at 17:15. Bookings must be multiples of 30 minutes with a minimum of one hour. You are allowed a free half an hour before and after a non-evening session for preparation/tidying up/cleaning etc for nett booking periods of two hours or more. Nett periods of one hour or an hour and a half attract 15 minutes before and after. You must quote the nett time on the booking form, in your email or online. For example, if your total 'attendance' were from 12:15 until 14:15, including the 15 minutes set up and cleaning time, then you would quote 12:30 until 14:00 as the times you require. We will check that this leaves enough of a 'gap' with any other bookings on that day. This means, for example, an entry time of 14:30 would attract a fee of £44, being 2*£22 for the 'nett' period 15:00 to 17:00. Regular monthly or weekly bookings will attract a lower hourly rate, subject to the booking secretary's discretion.
After checking the calendar, a link to which is in the menu to the left, applications to book the Community Association hall can be made on the booking form, after further telephone confirmation of its availability to: Pat Lonergan, telephone 07521 333430, OR email Pat by clicking here OR to book online, see the article below.
A returnable deposit must accompany each application as follows: £100 for Friday or Saturday evening bookings, £30 for children’s or christening parties and £50 for 12-17yr old parties (adult supervision required). The booking will not be secured unless and until the deposit is paid! For christening parties, we do not charge for the period when the the attendees are at the christening. That is, the user can prepare for the party prior to going off for the christening and returning at an agreed time to start their nett booking period, but bearing in mind the local church hires it for 3 out of 4/5 Sundays and occupy until noon. Please check website calendar.
No bookings will be accepted for those over 16 years of age and under 21 other than, at the Booking Secretary's discretion and in very special circumstances, for (adult) NEACA members (voters who live in our catchment area) who must be present and supervise the whole time and hand keys in at the end to our representative or leave them behind the Croft bar.
The full hire charge must be paid, at the latest, one week in advancethis being in addition to the returnable deposit above. Click on the following link to download a booking form to leave in the Croft Bar and on this link for the booking conditions for your retention.
A NEACA EC member will let you in and close up after you, else arrangements may be made for the Croft Bar staff to admit you or arrangements would be made to get the key to you beforehand which would normally then be left behind the bar. Otherwise, arrangements would be agreed with the booking secretary.
NEACA reserve the right to retain all or part of the deposit following an inspection of the premises after the event. The deposit or any amount thereof will be refunded 48 hours after the function at the earliest. NEACA reserve the right to refuse any application for booking without explanation.
Each hirer is expected to make their own arrangements for first aid (although a first aid kit is available behind the bar during bar opening times) and to ensure that their guests/users are familiar with any fire protection/escape arrangements.
NEACA holds only general insurance. Each hirer is expected to have their own specific insurance and to indemnify NEACA for any occurrence or series of occurrences arising from any activity carried out on the premises.
By order of the Vale of White Horse District Council, the doors to the garden area must not be left open. You risk your function being prematurely stopped if complaints are received from neighbours that this ruling is being breached.


You can click on the green 'Book now' button which appears at the middle top on the Calendar and Bookings menu items.
This will take you to an online booking system which will present you with two 'boxes' for two duration of 'slots'. You have two options:

  1. Except for a Friday of Saturday evening booking, click on the 30 mins duration box, then click on SEE TIMES. You will be presented with a series of consecutive slots automatically generated by the system. The default seems to be for a week, so you will have to scroll week after week until you reach your required day. Once you are on the correct date, click on the slot with the start time of your required nett booking. Please do NOT click on any succeeding slots, but in the comment box, state the duration of your nett booking, and fill in the preceding boxes. Click NEXT, check and then click on COMPLETE BOOKING, OR
  2. If your booking is for a Friday or Saturday evening (with preparation from 17:30) at the first stage above, click on that option.

We will check that your request does not clash with any other bookings and you will receive an email either confirming the booking or discussing any issues. Of course, you can also use the 'comment' box to ask any questions as well.


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