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Informally, NEACA has morphed in to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, foundation model, Charity Commission # 1192878, with the same name, North East Abingdon Community Association. Formally, the assets and liabilities of the old charity have been transferred by the Charity Commission to the new CIO and, as required, has a new bank account. The new charity commenced operations on 23 February 2021. Eight of the old charity's committee members plus a recently recruited member constitute the Board of Trustees of the new charity and, as implied, are all trustees, whereas the old charity only had four trustees. The old charity will only cease to exist once its final accounts have been submitted to the Charity Commission. Further applications to become a trustee of NEACA are always welcome on application to the chair.
A copy of the articles of the CIO is available on request and this is the link to the entry on the Charity Commission's website:


The Croft Bar